With its many captivating qualities, al-Malaki (royal) collection will set all the rules that 
will make you feel like a sultan in the most comfortable way. The exterior shell is made from top-quality material, giving the overall majestic appeal of the Arabian coat. Its inner lining is designed to provide you with unmatched comfort during the colder months, so you never have to worry about being too bulky just to stay warm.


Campéon collection is a masterfully created coat that takes inspiration from the minute details of royalty. The golden collar featured in each of these BISHT's has historically been used to identify leaders in tribes throughout history. Each detail, expertly embroidered in this coat, is a representation of life and its many underrated miracles. Combining inspiration with unmatched skill and premium quality materials, and you have the best long coat for the colder months.


The lifestyle collection looks to supplement your wardrobe by bringing together day-to-day essentials for you to pair with your BISHT's. From authentic Nablus soap to headdresses to postcards. Be sure to browse through these products that will liven up your home with Middle Eastern spirit.

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